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Custom Signage Projects

Let Us Help You With All Your Signage Needs

One Sign or One Hundred, Our Pricing is Affordable and Our Terms Are Simple.

We can help you with all of your signage needs.  Wether it’s a restaurant menu board, one retail sign or one hundred, we can help you buy, install, design, program and run your signage network.

Our pricing is simple.  We operate consistently on an hourly rate plus cost. 

Our rates are $75 per onsite hour in the Jackson Metro area. Within the area, there is no charge for travel time.

Outside the Jackson Metro area (defined as being within 25 miles of Ridgeland), we bill $75 per hour for all time spent onsite, plus 80 cents per mile (travel is calculated by google maps from Ridgeland, MS to your location, and not by actual mileage).

Hardware costs for custom signage jobs are typically pre-billed based on quote, with the labor balance due at the end of the project.

If you are happy with our work and would like for us to continue assisting you with your signage campaigns or network, consider transitioning to our Signage Management Service post project.

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