Want a free sign?

Wanted: Excellent Locations to Host Our Excellent Displays

This program costs our hosts nothing.  In exchange for committing approximately 2 square feet of floor space within line-of-site of their patrons and within 6 feet of an electrical outlet, they get:

  • A stylish, modern, 32 inch kiosk display, with a small corner-cut footprint (Ideal for corner placement in a lobby or dining room). Our displays carry a retail value of $1715.  They are provided free for our hosts.
  • 50% of the screen time is devoted to host content (ads, announcements, menus, etc)
  • Host Ads are full-screen, 1080p, full-color and in portrait orientation. We highlight host ads to draw more attention to the host content.  It’s the HOST’S location, HOST content must take the spotlight.   
  • Unlimited updates to the on-site signage. (Subject to a 24 hour turnaround.)  Most changes are instantaneous, but in cases of congestion and staff availability we have set a SLA of 24 hours for all updates
  • A customized insert for the display’s lower light box with the hosts glowing logo and business name provided free of charge (premium full-color light box ad inserts are available at a cost)
  • Wifi/Internet service is not required. Each of our displays comes with its own cellular network connection. (Subject to a site survey for cellular signal availability)
  • Green systems: We configure our displays with automatic timers set to the host’s business hours so they do not consume power and bandwidth when the location is closed.
  • Maintenance free: we come onsite monthly to inspect and clean the signage. This aspect of the service is professional, quick and unobtrusive.
  • Competition Free: We select our hosts based on type.  For example, if we opt for restaurant placements for one of our networks, there will never be another restaurant ad showing on the sign in the host’s location. We firmly believe that an ad for a competitor in a host building is a silly concept.   
  • Drama Free: We don’t host political or inflammatory ads that could cause the host establishment issues.

Our displays are excellent automated salesmen.  They don’t get tired, they don’t need sick time or vacation hours.  They don’t call in, and they don’t come with a tax burden. They simply work.

They stand in a small spot within the host’s location, selling value added services in a very attractive manner. 

  • For a restaurant, this could be dessert or cocktail teasers in full glorious HD, or showing off menus and specials. 
  • For a medical establishment such as an optometrist’s or orthodontist’s office, they can showcase the newest house-sponsored glasses frames, or latest dental cosmetic appliance. 
  • For standard medical clinics, it is a good venue to inform the public, or advertise specialty services and wellness plans.
  • For retail establishments, it’s an excellent method to showcase sales and specials, as well as general advertisements.

For more information and to see the displays live, please check our short video above.  If you’re ready and would like to be considered as a host, simply call, email, text or use our contact form to get on the list!  

Our number is (769) 200-5401 or you can email [email protected]