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Signage Service, Installation and Setup

Got a Display, but No Clue What to Do with It?  Call Us, We’ll Make it Easy.

Affordable Pricing and Simple Terms.

If you have a new or existing digital display and need setup, service, mounting, programming or deployment, give us a call. We can help.

Our rates are $75 per onsite hour in the Jackson Metro area. Within the area, there is no charge for travel time.

Outside the Jackson Metro area (defined as being within 25 miles of Ridgeland), we bill $75 per hour for all time spent onsite, plus 80 cents per mile (travel is calculated by google maps from Ridgeland, MS to your location, and not by actual mileage).

If hardware is required, it will be billed as a separate line-item at cost.

If you have multiple displays, or a high volume change slate, you may want to consider our Signage Management Service.

Give Us a Call, We can Help.

(769) 200-5401